Rivermead Rehabilitation Centre, Oxford

The Rivermead Rehabilitation Centre in October 1987When Cold Arbour ceased to be an infectious diseases hospital in 1954 it became a psycho-geratric centre, linked with the Cowley Road and Littlemore Hospitals. In 1956 it was taken over by Dr Lionel Cosin and renamed the Rivermead Rehabilitation Centre, combining the dual functions of a geriatric unit and a rehabilitation department for young disabled patients. In due course the geriatric aspect ceased and by the late 1960s the hospital was established as one of the leading rehabilitation centres in the country. The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and Littlemore Hospital Management Committees were responsible for the hospital at various dates. The services transferred to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre when the Rivermead site was given up in 2002.

Records of Rivermead:

  • Electricity cables laid at Rivermead 1955
  • Plan of site 1960

There may be information in the records of the Nuffield Hospital Management Committee and Oxfordshire Health Authority

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