Birth records

Museum Road Maternity Home c.1922

This page is for those who are seeking birth records for personal reasons. It is not intended for those carrying out family history research, as most of the information is subject to the Data Protection Act or rules of confidentiality. All access will be under the relevant legislation, so please do not ask the staff to give access for general historical research.

Please remember that the record of a birth is part of the medical records of the mother. Consent from the mother or proof of death will be required before access to the records by the child can be considered.

If you know the name of the hospital or maternity home in which you were born, check the entry in the List of hospitals for information about surviving records.

Please note that if you were adopted and are trying to trace your birth mother you must contact other bodies first and you may have to see an adoption counsellor. A web search on 'tracing birth mother' will lead to several useful sites with further information.

Chipping Norton maternity ward Christmas 1932

Maternity hospital birth records
Births in the Oxfordshire maternity hospitals 1921 onwards

Home and special birth records
Records of some home and unusual births in Oxfordshire 1912-1975

Maternity hospital admission records
Admissions of mothers to Abingdon (1943-1968) and Chipping Norton (1966) maternity hospitals

Midwives' registers of cases
Records of individual midwives working in Oxfordshire 1927-1986

Birth records kept by Public Health department
Notifications of Oxfordshire births to the Medical Officer of Health 1915-1969